Criminal Records


· Timetable for requesting the records
  - From Monday till Thursday:
     The request shall be presented till 11:00 o'clock and the criminal
      record shall be handed till 13:45  o'clock.
  - Friday:
     The request shall be presented till 9:30 o'clock and the criminal record
      shall be handed till 10:45 o'clock.
  - Saturday:
     The request shall be presented till 10:30 o'clock   and the criminal
      record shall be handed till 12:45  o'clock.

· Offices for presenting the requests
  - The central criminal record office- Furn El  Chebback - Phone: 01/292880 - 01/292885.
  - The criminal record office - Saida (Serail of  Saida) - Phone: 07/720051.
  - The criminal record office - Zahle (Serail of  Zahle) - Phone: 08/805045.
  - The criminal record office - Tripoli (El-Tell  Brigade) - Phone: 06/440315.
  - The criminal record office - Nabatieh - The ISF compound Nabatieh - Phone: 07/531221.

· Remarks:
For the persons requesting the criminal record NR(2) - Blue one, they may personally present the necessary documents, in the different gendarmerie territorial brigades, except in those located in the Mouhafazat (Departments) centers and the Furn El Chebback brigade, during  working hours.

· The documents needed for the request:
  - Identity card or civil status extract or a passport. A copy of the identity card or the civil
    status extract may also be presented, on condition that the commander of the brigade has   
    personally   noted the term "Certified copy".
  - Two fiscal stamps, in the amount of one thousand Lebanese pounds, for each one, should be
     labeled on each copy of the criminal record.


· Syrian nationals: the same procedure concerning a Lebanese person  
  shall apply, but he should have the following documents:
   - a red card. 
   - an entrance ticket (white). 
   - the Syrian identity.
· Arab or foreign nationals: 
  The same procedure concerning a Lebanese person shall apply ,
   but he  should have the following documents: 
   - a passport. 
   - a residence permit.


     One of the parent of the concerned person should submit a letter to the commander of the judicial police who forwards the request to the criminal record department where the person who submitted the letter can obtain the criminal record.



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