Ceremony of launching the teleguided communications system especially established for the ISF.


There were in the morning of today, the 6th of July 2018 in the ISF Institute Aramoun, the ceremony of launching the teleguided communication system especially established for the ISF “
Tetra” , further it has been renovated by INL Bureau of the American Embassy of Beirut.

This ceremony was attended by the Director General of the ISF, Major General Imad Osman , the American Ambassador in Beirut, Mrs. Elizabeth Richard, the Director of the Bureau of Drugs Repression and Law Enforcement INL in the American Embassy, Mrs Wesley Robertson, the commander in chief of the Territorial Gendarmerie Unit, General Joseph Al Helou, the commander of the Mobile Forces, General Fouad Al Khoury, the commander in chief of the Judicial Police , General Oussama Abdelmalak, the Acting Chief of the Central Administration, General Said Fawaz, the Acting Commander in chief of the Security of Embassies, Administrations and Public Institutions, General Rami Al Hassan , the Acting Commander in chief of Police of Beirut Unity, General Georges Elias, the Commander of ISF Institute General Marcerlino Farah, and a number of high rank officers.  

This ceremony was inaugurated by the national Lebanese hymn, further on, there were a speech of best receiving pronounced by the “parrain”  of the ceremony, the Chief of the Public Relations Department, Colonel Joseph Moussallem.

For this occasion , the Director General of the ISF Major General Imad OSMAN has pronounced the following speech :

Our meeting today , if it indicated something, it shows and assures the level of the continuity of collaboration between the friend states , headed by the United States , and I specially mention INL Bureau. This collaboration with them became attested by means of donations and assistance offered by it to the ISF , and witch aspires for the permanent development and updating such for the level of the performance of the personnel or for the technical level in the work , and in discovering the crimes. This development is a necessity in our actual and upcoming   work in the light of the strategic plan predicted, and the prove is the success of work in the exemplary sections newly established and the launching of the project of the updating of the biometric system , and many other things pertaining to the permanent development. And today, we are here to express our thanks to this bureau in the American Embassy for this support , and to announce the launching of updating the teleguided communication system  especially configurated for the ISF, Tetra and AVL , and witch will cover primarily the regions of Beirut and Mount of Lebanon , and its approximative cost was 9.000.000 Us dollars, in the hope of achieving it together in a later step. And surely, this interest in the updating and renovating the teleguided communication system, has not came from emptiness , but it is an urgent  necessity  in our police activity, because without the fast and confidential communication , we cannot do our work, such as  crimes unveiling and the pursuing of criminals for justice in the right form. The majority of our work is becoming based on the technical part and especially in the identification of criminals , perpetrators and their pursuing and arrest, and the providing of indices  against them for their incrimination. And we cannot forget that the work of the terrorist criminal is based on the using of the most modern techniques in the execution of  its terrorist activities and we must be stronger than him et we should accompany the development occurred in the world. The Crime repression in the right form began in the precautions measures and we , and by means of the community police , do from every citizen a guardian in order to reduce the arising of  crimes level. I will not extend my speech much more, and I reiterate my greatest thanks to the INL in the American Embassy in Beirut , and to all friend donators states  and I reiterate my appeal in this occasion and in every occasion to the civil society and the powerful businessmen to offer what they can give for their institution that protect them with their child and their interests and witch protect the security of the  homeland and the citizens.

Following is Ambassador Richard’s speech at the event:

Director General Osman, General Farah, our Friends and our colleagues, it gives me great pleasure to be back here at the Aramoun Training Facility today. This is a wonderful facility that is used to train the security forces from across Lebanon. I am very proud the U.S. has helped develop this institute, and that we will continue to expand and professionalize this institute with additional classrooms and dormitories over the next few years. Seeing what you are doing reaffirms our confidence in the officers and staff assigned here.


Today we mark the latest development in our relationship with the ISF. We are transferring over a new secure, digital radio network, an investment of over $9 million, which has been in development for some time now.


The system includes over 2,700 handheld and vehicle mounted radio units, as well as a secure system of base stations and communications relays to provide widespread secure network coverage.


This is going to greatly improve the ability of the ISF to communicate securely across the population centers in Beirut and Mount Lebanon. It will help the ISF more effectively respond to the needs of Lebanese citizens and improve information flow between ISF units in the field and their commanders and headquarters.


We know the ISF works tirelessly very day to help keep Lebanon safe, and we are very proud to assist you in this effort. I would like to take a moment General Osman, if I may, to highlight and congratulate you and all the ISF on the significant drug seizures you have made recently.  Just last month, the ISF seized 15 tons of hashish, a new record for the largest drug bust in Lebanese history. And then just a few weeks later, you seized nearly 1700 kilograms of hashish and 2.4 million Captagon pills in a single week. This is outstanding work and reflects a level of professionalism and dedication that I hope all the Lebanese citizens appreciate.


As I’ve noted before, since 2008 The State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) has provided training for thousands of ISF officers and we have provided over $178 million in equipment and support to the ISF, which is one of our closest partners in this region. We are very proud of the strong and successful partnership that we have with Lebanon and with the ISF, and of what we have achieved together, and we very much look forward to working together in the future.


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