A ceremony for the renovation of two buildings at the Aaramoun Institute for the Secretariat of the sports teams in the security forces.

Under the patronage of the Director General of the Internal Security Forces, General Imad Osman, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Lebanese Accreditation Group, Dr. Joseph Tarabieh, the Directorate General of the Internal Security Forces, in cooperation with the Lebanese Credit Bank, held on 05/04/2019, A ceremony for the renovation of two buildings at the Aaramoun Institute for the Secretariat of the sports teams in the security forces.


The ceremony was attended by the Commander of the ISF Institute General Ahmed Al-Hajjar, and the Head of the Central Administration Unit General Saeed Fawaz, the Chief of Staff General Naeem Al-Shammas, the member of the Management Committee of the Accreditation Group former Minister Professor Alan Hakim, the Assistant Director General George Girgis, and a number of the directors of credit Bank and a number of senior officers.


On the occasion, the Director General of the Internal Security Forces, Major General Imad Osman, gave a speech in which he said:


Speech of the Major General OSMAN


Under the slogan of service, trust, partnership.


We meet today at an ISF significant facility to prove together that security and economy are closely linked.


When security is stable, the economy grows and flourishes.


Your contribution clearly demonstrates your interest and understanding of the need to enhance security.


And as it has become known to all, we have put in place a five-year strategic plan, between 2018 and 2022, to enhance the ISF and strengthen their capacities at all levels.


Distinguished guests,

The ISF was and will always remain at a distance from everyone who upholds the truth and refutes falsehood.


We have set in our priorities the eradication of corruption and corruptors through detecting them and referring them to a just and fair justice.


Then Major general Osman went on improvising:


Everyone knows that our institution was the first to start fighting corruption so that no one would ever tell us "Your house is made out of glass". We will cooperate with everyone in fighting this scourge. We must be fully convinced that we have corruption before we start fighting it all over Lebanon. All of our investigations fall within the strict legal framework, meaning what we do is not on our own but under the supervision of the judicial authorities. It is not permissible to say that the judicial authorities are corrupt, the state is corrupt and the institutions are corrupt, but there are corrupt people inside these institutions. Major General Osman added: We must respect the law in detail because it gives each person their right.


We are not about to carry out fake heroines, but we exercise our role according to the legal text given to us and we do not exceed it.


The accountability of judges is a matter up to the competent authority, the Judicial Inspection Authority, and we will not play this role because it is considered an exit from the institutions.


I say this before you so that everyone knows our limits; where and how is our way to reach a secure state that returns rights to its owners.








Speech of Dr. Joseph Tarabeih


I am pleased to be among you today to participate in the inauguration of these two ISF buildings in Aaramoun, which was sponsored by the Credit Libanais Bank, which I have the privilege of chairing.


What we are doing today is part of our duty and the duty of the banking sector to sponsor, support and rise all the living forces of a society, first and foremost the security forces that provide stability and security to all residents of Lebanon. The role you and your colleagues play in the other military and security forces goes beyond the Lebanese territory to include protecting the security of the region and the world.


Your achievements in the field of proactive security, preventive security, and the speed of crimes detection and the arrest of criminals have become known far and wide and the Lebanese people's place of appreciation, as well as the respect of international references.


This was preceded by a welcoming speech by the Commander of the ISF Institute General Ahmed Al-Hajjar, who stated:


The welcome speech delivered by the Commander of the ISF Institute General Ahmed Al-Hajjar:


I welcome all of you at the ISF Institute in Aaramoun, at the inauguration ceremony of two buildings dedicated to the secretaries of the ISF sports teams rehabilitated with the support of the Lebanese Credit Bank.


The rehabilitation of these two facilities will allow us to host various sports competitions on the Institute's premises for they are dedicated to serving these teams. This is in line with the vision approved by His Excellency the Major General the Director General to make the Institute a center that embraces the ISF sports teams through the Department of Sports and Shooting proposed to be developed in the unit of the Institute, which is one of the projects of the five-year strategic plan for ISF 2018-2022.


Thank you for this and we pledge that we will continue to work on the development of the Institute and the development of the sports facilities within it.


Afterwards, the Major General Imad Osman and Dr. Joseph Tarbey removed the curtain from the memorial plaque, and Major General Osman handed Dr. Tarabieh the ISF medal, a token of thanks and affection.

The attendees toured the buildings and inspected their sections and expressed their admiration.

In conclusion, everyone went to the canteen where a cocktail party was held.


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