Division of Information arrested a person who caused the death of a woman threw herself from her car

The ISF Directorate General – Public Relations Department

issued the following notification:


On the morning of 04/09/2017, the named Douaa Abou Dahloush (born in 1998, Syrian national), was found dead beside the main road of the town of Souweiri.


The forensic examination revealed the presence of several bruises and cuts on the back of the head, left and right elbows, and bleeding in the brain, a fractured backbone and another in the neck, all of which are caused by falling and hitting solid objects.


On 05/09/2017, at 19.00 hrs, as a result of intensive investigations and inquiries the Information Department arrested the suspect H. A. (born in 1984, Lebanese), at the Marej area, while on a Nissan Van.


Upon interrogating him based on the instructions of the competent judicial authorities, he admitted that while the victim was with him inside the Van, on their way to the crossroad of Souweiri, after a while all the passengers came off the Van and she was left alone with him, he then asked her if she has any legal ID papers, she replied that her presence is illegal in Lebanon. At that point he asked her to have a sexual relation with him or else he will hand her over to the security forces. At that point she opened the door of the Van, which was going at an average speed, and threw herself out hitting the ground; he escaped out of fear of being arrested.

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