Circulating a thief image

The ISF Directorate General – Public Relations Department

issued the following notification:


On 03/07/2017, a lady was robbed of her mobile phone in Climanceau area, she filed a claim at the Mina el Hossen Section against an unknown individual, on 04/07/2017, one of the surveillance and control room surveillance cameras caught the robbery of a lady in Hamra street, the lady did not file a claim at that time.


On 05/09/2017, as a result of intensive investigations and inquiries a patrol from the Beirut judicial police brigade of the judicial police unit, identified and arrested the suspect in Cornish Al Mazraa, he works as a delivery employee at one of the restaurants, he is:

  • M. K. (born in 1982, Palestinian).


Upon interrogating him, he admitted to committing more than 7 robberies including the robbery of 3 women purses in Gemmayzeh and Mar Mikhael areas, and 2 in Hamra Street, and 2 mobile phones in Hamra and Climanceau.


He also admitted to abusing drugs, and the test showed that he abuses Cocaine; it was also revealed that he has precedents in drug related offences and was an inmate in Roumieh prison for 3 years.


The plaintiff identified him, and filed a personal claim against him.


Therefore, based on the instructions of the competent judicial authorities, the Directorate General of the ISF is circulating his photo, and requests of those who fell victims to his actions and identified him, to come to the center of the Beirut judicial brigade located in Verdun – Barbar Al Khazen barracks, or contact 01810170 or 01810171, as a prelude to taking the necessary legal actions.

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