Notification they attempted to blackmail their victim

The ISF Directorate General – Public Relations Department

issued the following notification:

On 28/12/2017, a complaint was filed by a Syrian girl at the competent judicial authorities who in turn referred it to the fight against IT crimes and protection of intellectual properties bureau of the judicial police unit, the complaint was filed against an unknown individual for harassment and defamation, threats and sexual blackmail.

Upon listening to the victim, it was revealed that the defendant is a Syrian national, and was communicating with her via the WhatsApp application, and he saved a video which was showing her in an improper manner, he then started blackmailing her, asking for money and for sexual favors, in addition to threatening to expose her and publish the video through social media.

On 03/01/2018, a patrol from the said bureau identified and arrested the defendant in Wadi Al Zayni / Eklim Al Kharoub, he is:

  • M. Aa. (born in 1997, Syrian).

Upon interrogating him, he admitted to what was attributed to him, and that he had threatened the victim using his personal phone number and used the phone number belonging to M. Aa. (born in 1992, Syrian) to send her the video, in addition to informing M. Kh. (born in 1997, Syrian) of the matter, the latter also communicated with her and pressured her.

All the afore mentioned individuals were arrested, and their mobile phones were seized, they were also referred to the competent judicial authorities based on its constructions.

The Directorate General of the ISF asks the citizens, the residents and the refugees not to take improper photos of videos of themselves, in order not to fall victims and be exploited by others, and not to hesitate in reporting such cases immediately, for not reporting these incidents might encourage the blackmailers to go too far in their crimes and repeat them.

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