National List Comprising the Names of Persons and Entities Involved in Terrorism and Terrorist Financing



click here to download the LIST updated on 02/12/2019

Based on the Provisions of Law no. 44 “Fighting Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing” dated 24/11/2015 and on the two adopted mechanisms for the implementation of the requirements of FATF Recommendation no. 6,

- Targeted financial sanctions shall apply against persons and entities designated on the above list.


- Warning: It is prohibited for any person to provide any funds or assets or financial services or other related services, directly or indirectly, individually or jointly with others, for the benefit of any of the designated persons or entities. Any violation is subject to judicial prosecution.


- Delisting Procedures: Any of the designated persons or entities may submit to the Public Prosecutor of the Court of Cassation a request for delisting, along with the substantiating documents. The latter shall take a decision to remove the name of the concerned person or entity from the national list in case the relevant legal conditions are met.


- Access to Frozen Funds or other Assets: Any of the designated persons or entities may correspond in writing with the Special Investigation Commission (SIC) at Banque du Liban to authorize the use of all or part of the frozen funds. The SIC may grant this authorization contingent upon the conditions it deems necessary to prevent terrorist financing and for the objectives stated below:
   o Pay the necessary or basic expenses of the natural person or any of his/her family members.
   o Pay the reasonable professional fees and expenses related to legal services provided.
   o Pay the fees or loan payments or charges due to a bank or financial institution for the management of frozen funds.

- Procedures Concerning Names of Persons and Entities Designated by Foreign Parties: In the respect, any natural or legal person, whether a Lebanese national or a resident in Lebanon may submit a request for delisting to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, along with the substantiating documents, or submit a request to use all or part of the frozen funds for the objectives stated above. In both cases, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants shall study the submitted request to take the appropriate decision.

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