ISF Director General, OSMAN Divisional General receives INTERPOL Secretary General Mr. Jürgen STOCK


The Director General of the Internal Security Forces, Major General Imad OSMAN, received in his office in the headquarters barracks, in the afternoon of 16/07/2019, the Secretary General of the Interpol Organization Mr. Jurgen Stock at the head of a delegation of the Organization, in the courtyard of the Headquarters barracks on the music of the Internal Security Forces. Afterwards they all headed to the Major General Osman’s office where they held a meeting during which they discussed ways to strengthen policing functions in the field of combating terrorism, pursuing terrorists and developing the relationship between the organization and ISF.

In conclusion, Major General Osman and his guest Mr. Jurgen Stock exchanged medals.

The meeting was attended by the Commander of the Judicial Police Unit, General Osama Abdul Malik, the Chief of Staff General Naeem Al-Shamas, the Head of the Information Department General Khalid Hamoud, and the Head of the International Relations Department Colonel Maroun Al Khawand.


The delegation presented a commemorative shield as a token of appreciation to Major General Osman.

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