The brigade of the southern suburb arrests a burglar who has stolen a dozen of cell phone within the districts of Beirut and Mount Lebanon. Have you fallen victims of his acts?

The Directorate General of the ISF, Public Relations Department , has published the following notification :

On 9-6-2020, and in the town of Hay El Sillom, and after further intensive inquiries, the judiciary  brigade of the southern suburb has arrived to arrest the named :

       Born on 1980 Lebanese

For having carrying out many theft operations of cell phones within the districts of Beirut, and Mount Lebanon, and it appears that he has previous convictions for crimes of theft, drugs and theft of motorcycles.

By hearing him, he confessed having stolen the cell phone of one of the citizen in the town of Al Mreijeh, and having selling it to one of the shops of selling cell phones in the region of Hay Al Sillom, and after having attacked the place ,  we have seized 5 stolen cells phones.


By hearing the owner of the shop who has been delivered by a domicile bail , it appears that the arrested person has sold him 110 stolen  cell phones  further making him believe that he owns a shop in the district of the south, and that he acts to liquidate it .And the suspect was signing an engagement that ensures that he owns the cells phones  in every transaction.

Therefore, and upon the request of the concerned judiciary, the Directorate General of the ISF , diffuses the photo of  J.H, and asks those who have fallen victims of his acts to be present in the above mentioned brigade located in the region of Ouzai, in the Barrack of the martyr Moustapha Ali Hassan , or to contact the number 01-451162, in order to take the right legal measures.

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