A burglar of a car and accessories , also spare parts of cars, has executed more than 10 operations within the region of Al Metn, is in the hands of the Information Department

The Directorate General of the ISF, Public Relations Department , has published the following notification :

There were recently theft operations of cars accessories and spare  parts carried out by an unknown person in a professional way within the region of Al Metn.

Immediately , the Information Department has intensified its enquiries, and as a result of an intensive work of follow up , has arrived to identify the actor, and he is named :


He has previous convictions for crimes of theft, falsification and fraud.

On 19-6-2020, and after further tracking operations and control, patrols of this department successfully arrested him in red hands, in the region of Borj Hammoud, while he was trying to steal inside one of the cars,.

By inspecting him, we seized the following :

Tools used in the theft operations

4 driving license in different names, and papers of mechanic with the insurance , all are falsified

The sum of  1400000     L.L

By inspecting his apartment, we have seized headlights and backlights , signs,  speakers, and others.

by further hearing him, he confessed having executed more than 10 operations of accessories of cars, in addition of theft of a Honda Accord car from the region of Broumana, that has been seized in the region of Al Nabaa , where the arrested person has indicated its location .

And the car used  by him in the theft of cars was seized , and it is a Fiat.

We have taken the right legal measures against him, and he was conducted with the seized objects to the competent authorities.

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