Seizing of a big quantity of potatoes stuffed with of doping pills in the prison of Amioun.

The Directorate General of the ISF, Public Relations Department, has published the following notification :

On 28-5-2020, and during the inspection of the visitors coming to the building of Amioun prison, one of the staff of the prison has seized with one of the ladies, and she is named N.H born on 1974, Lebanese, 165 doping pills of two different types, dissimulated in a professional way, inside potatoes, and designated  to be given to her son , the prisoner for crime of distribution and abuse of drugs, M.S born on 1996, Lebanese.

By hearing the lady, she stated that she ignores what is inside the potatoes, and that she is holding it to give it as a gift to her son from one of his friends in the prison and he is named AK who was arrested with him in the same prison.

The inquiries are in process with the direction of the competent authorities.

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