The Diretor General of the ISF, Major-General Imad Osman and the trustee of the owners of private hospitals Souleiman Haroun have discussed subjects of mutual interest.

The Director General of the ISF, Major General Imad Osman has received today in the afternoon , the 24th of june 2020, in his office at the headquarter , the trustee of the owners of private hospitals in Lebanon, the engineer Souleiman Haroun , in a delegation headed by him , and they discussed subjects of mutual interest .

During this meeting , were present the head of the unit of  central administration , General Siaid Fawaz, the head of the health service General Mouin chhade, the head of the administrative affairs department , colonel engineer Issam Takouch, and the head of the administration in the unit of central administration , colonel Mohammad Aboud.

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