Circulating a photo of a person arrested for fraudulent crimes by selling fake tickets to attend the final matches of Lebanese basketball. Has anyone fallen victim to his actions or similar actions?

The Directorate General of the ISF, Public Relations Department , has published the following notification :



There were recently many fraud operations whereas unknow persons try to convince some of their victims about the selling of tickets related to the final Lebanese basket-ball matches.


Further intensive inquiries, members of Ras Al Nabaa Section, in the Unit of Beirut Police, has succeeded to identify one of them.

On 22-5-2024, and after a tracking work, this Section has arrested him, and it appears that he is named:

AA. M. (born on 1990, Lebanese)


By hearing him, he confessed what it was alleged to him.

Therefore, the Directorate General of the ISF, and on basis of the decision of the concerned authorities, diffuses his photo and asks those who were his victims, and whose who were exposed to this act by another person for a similar crime, to be present in the center of the above-mentioned Section, or to contact the following number 01-740942, in order to take the right legal measures.

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